They re-did a small job that was poorly done by a previously engaged contractor. I had a leak where a vent intersected the roof. They showed me a cell-phone photo of the hole missed by the previous contractor and they then sealed it properly. Unlike the first contractor, who I found via the yellow pages, they showed up on time, brought their own ladders, did the job right, and were 20% cheaper!

David P.

Ben answered my initial call quickly and was out to meet with me the next day. We had had the roof redone three years ago. He inspected the roof and told me he thought they had done a good job. It needed a cleaning as I suspected. Pine needles and pine cones had plugged the downspouts and the scuppers that drained our flat roof. This had caused some ponding and some staining. We made a date for him to come out and do the cleaning. He arrived with two other men and a low pressure washer. The opened the scuppers, unplugged the downspouts, and washed off the staining from the ponded areas. They removed all the trash in their truck. Recommended.

Frank G.

Mr. Barnett was very professional when he contacted me and gave me a very fair estimate for the work to be done. My insurance company also considered his estimate fair and based their reimbursement on the estimate. Mr. Barnett's crew did a great job and completed it within 3 days. They did a great job cleaning up after the work was completed. I am very satisfied and plan to have Mr' Barnett do some other work for me.

James S.

They were very informative, did the job as they promised and did not either under estimate the work nor did they try to add more work to the project.

Henry M.

I was very pleased with Barnett Construction. The work and price was great. I even recommended them to my boss.

Connie B.

I have not yet started the job because of problems with the insurance company but Mr. Barnett has been a great help with that part of it so far. He is very professional and easy to work with. He is also a very nice man and I would recomend him to anybady.

Karen R.